Responding to Local Demand

The Labour Force Development (LFD) unit within the SITAG structure responds to local demand of the Independent and Tribal Council’s case managers by assisting with budgets, and direct client work.

Community-Based Services

Independent First Nations and Tribal Councils design and deliver their own employment and training services in designated geographical areas across the province. Each community has the flexibility to limit, balance or focus programs and services according to their local needs and existing infrastructure.

Community-based services adhere to a regional client case management framework where all people participate in a facilitated planning process. Planning is built on goals, research, demand, and employment prospects. Once ready, the community determines if implementation of the plan is ideal.

The following is a very general list of employment and training supports available:

Employment Services

  • Job start up
  • Assistance with interviews
  • Job search supports


  • Career Exploration and Job Research
  • Career and Employment Assessment

Career Development

  • Work Experience Placements
  • Apprenticeship training and support
  • Summer Employment Placements
  • Self-Employment assistance 
  • Technical skills training (certificate and diploma)
  • Upskilling employed people

Foundational Development 

  • Pre-employment preparation
  • Life Planning 
  • Life Skills and Essential Skills  
  • Academic and career preparation

Career Centres

SIIT Career Centres provides training to help you develop the skills to find employment within construction, industrial and commercial sectors.

There are eight SIIT Career Centres located throughout the province, each with their own specializations within the various industries. Through the various programs offered at SIIT, you can receive skills and apprenticeship training within several fields.

Services we provide:

  • Speak to a Job Coach who can help you build your career through job coaching, career planning and academic upgrading
  • Providing you with skills development, safety training (SCOT/CSTS) and driver’s license training
  • Linking you with employers looking to hire workers or apprentices


The JobSeries programs are pre-employment and pre-training learning opportunities for people who require personal skills development, need assistance to develop career plans, find employment or to enhance work skills and maintain employment.

The programs are purchased from SIIT by Labour Force Development Agencies, Social Development Programs or Employers who wish to develop a pool of employees for future employment. Cost-Sharing arrangements can be made among potential stakeholders.

There are four programs under Job Series:  

JobFocus (8 weeks) – Pre-Training Program

  • Within the context of their personal occupation goals, learners will identify the challenges that inhibit them from moving forward and develop an action plan outlining how they plan to address each challenge.
  • To support the challenge identification process and development of solutions, project discussion topics will include communication, addictions, legal matters, behaviour, technology, values and healthy lifestyle.

JobSkills (12 weeks) – Pre-Training and Pre-Employment Program

  • Learners will participate in programming that will help to prepare them for success in subsequent skill development training activities. Topics are organized into 5 main themes: Lifestyle Management, Assessment of Skill Levels, Learning/Study Skills, Organizational Skills and Exposure to Career Options.
  • Learners will also be guided through a Career Map development process where they will select an appropriate and specific employment goal and map out the activities that will help them to attain those goals.
  • Learners will have exposure to specific employment and career opportunities by way of targeted site visits and presentations.

JobFind (8 Weeks) – Pre-Employment Program and active Job Search

  • Learners will have the opportunity to address small employment credential gaps and receive support and guidance in active job application processes.
  • Learners will participate in general employment skill development programming in topic areas including getting organised, communications, job search, resume update, interview techniques, employability and life management.
  • Learners will secure employment and exit the program as that occurs.

JobSeries (up to 20 weeks) Pre-employment and pre-training Program with active Job Search 

  • A combination of 2-3 of the programs listed above (JobFocus, JobSkills and JobFind). 

For more information on JobSeries, please contact the Employment Development and Career Services department through our Contact Us page, or by calling 306-477-9337.


JobConnections is a free, mobile, career and employment service designed to connect First Nation jobseekers and employers.

Employer Services
  • Pre-screened qualified database of potential employees
  • Access to local post-secondary graduates
  • Training grants and apprenticeship information
  • Complimentary job posting services
  • Assistance with job profiling and online job posting process
  • Access to First Nations trade students who qualify for Wage Subsidy program
  • Connect employers with First Nations jobseekers
Client Services
  • Employment readiness workshops include Resume writing, job search and interview preparation
  • Employee and employer screened employment opportunities
  • Information provided on current training programs – funded/non-funded
  • Assistance with job application processes
  • Complimentary Rural Career Services
  • Mobile services available throughout the year
  • Features laptops in the classroom and are internet ready
  • Career coaches on-site
  • Variety of 14 workshops to choose from for your community, including
  • Resume building, interview preparation, essential skills and job search techniques

For more information on JobConnections, please contact the Employment Development and Career Services department through our Contact Us page or by calling 306-380-2119.