On-Reserve Childcare Funding

SITAG continues to support the delivery of on-reserve childcare programming through 24 Management Agreements with First Nation entities and will continue to do so, as long as the Initiative remains under the FNLMS.

This includes funding for childcare operations, staff training and emergency repairs. The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations participates in FNICCI by providing regional advocacy and second level support to Independent First Nation childcare operations.

SITAG provides a vehicle for new Indigenous Early Learning & Child Care (IELCC) funds and has the agreement structure in place to reach and engage communities.  In addition to supporting the maintenance of on-reserve childcare spaces, SITAG will adopt the horizontal framework of the IELCC to empower First Nation communities to enhance programming and exercise the degree of flexibility needed to execute local priorities and strategies. Below identifies First Nation entities, along with the number of communities served.


The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) has a Management Agreement with SITAG for the provision of second level services to Independent First Nations. The FSIN, in collaboration with Tribal Councils, developed a set of standards and regulations, which meets, or in some circumstances, exceeds the childcare standards of the Province of Saskatchewan. The Tribal Councils, the FSIN, and SITAG utilize these standards (and/or adaption of the standards) to monitor community programs focusing on aspects of facility safety and program quality. For more information on the FSIN structure see “Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve Program and Childcare Initiatives”.

Child Care Contacts

Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation306-468-2998
Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation306-467-4677
Big Island Lake Cree Nation306-839-4407
Big River First Nation306-468-4995
Birch Narrows Dene Nation306-894-2210
Black Lake Denesuline First Nation306-284-2105
Buffalo River Dene Nation306-282-4553
Canoe Lake Cree Nation306-829-4308
Carry The Kettle Nakoda Nation306-727-4457
Cote First Nation306-542-3429
Cowessess First Nation306-696-2489
Cumberland House Cree Nation306-888-2226
Day Star First Nation306-835-2071
English River First Nation306-396-2122
Fishing Lake First Nation306-338-2425
Flying Dust First Nation306-236-9532
Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation306-686-4811
George Gordon First Nation306-835-2031
Hatchet Lake First Nation306-633-2992
James Smith Cree Nation306-864-3660
Kahkewistahaw First Nation306-696-2644
Kawacatoose First Nation306-835-2065
Keeseekoose First Nation306-542-2233
Key First Nation306-594-2966
Kinistin Saulteaux Nation306-878-2680
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-Little Red River306-982-3156
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-Grandmother’s Bay306-635-2211
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-La Ronge306-425-4127
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-Morin Lake306-425-4089
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-Stanley Mission306-635-4410
Lac La Ronge Indian Band-Sucker River306-425-2138
Little Pine First Nation306-398-3670
Makwa Sahgeiehcan First Nation306-837-2317
Ministikiwan Lake Cree Nation306-837-2205
Mistawasis First Nation306-466-2395
Montreal Lake Cree Nation306-663-5570
Montreal Lake Cree Nation -Little Red Reserve306-982-2068
Moosomin First Nation306-386-3113
Mosquito First Nation306-937-2185
Muskcowpetung Saulteaux Nation306-332-4400
Muskeg Lake Cree Nation306-466-4834
Muskoday First Nation306-922-1105
Muskowekwan First Nation306-835-2726
Nekaneet First Nation306-662-2565
Ocean Man First Nation306-457-2996
Ochapowace First Nation306-696-3141
Okanese/Little Black Bear/Starblanket First Nation306-334-3145
One Arrow First Nation306-423-1313
Onion Lake Cree Nation306-344-2515
Pasqua First Nation306-331-3763
Peepeekisis First Nation306-334-3145
Pelican Lake First Nation306-619-0919
Peter Ballantne Cree Nation-Pelican Narrows306-632-0162
Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation-Deshambeault Lake306-632-1333
Peter Ballatyne Cree Nation-Southend306-758-2258
Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation306-462-2402
Piapot First Nation306-781-0246
Poundmaker First Nation306-398-3675
Red Earth Cree Nation306-768-3300
Red Pheasant First Nation306-937-2231
Sakimay First Nation306-697-3343
Saulteaux First Nation306-386-1218
Shoal Lake Cree Nation306-768-3388
Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation306-332-6810
Sturgeon Lake First Nation306-764-3444
Sweet Grass First Nation306-937-7066
Thunderchild First Nation306-845-4330
Wahpeton Dakota Nation306-764-6649
Waterhen Lake First Nation306-236-1441
White Bear First Nation306-577-4406
Whitecap Dakota First Nation306-477-2480
Witchekan Lake First Nation306-883-7710
Yellow Quill First Nation306-322-2249