The First Nations Labour Market Strategy (FNLMS) is a distinction-based strategy under the Indigenous Skills and Employment (ISET) Program.

The Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) Program is a program for Indigenous people who are looking to improve their job skills and find employment.

The Saskatchewan Indian Training Assessment Group works with the 33 Labour Force Development Agencies throughout the province that are either Independent First Nations Communities or communities that fall under the authority and delivery structure of a Tribal Council. This has become known as the SITAG Network and through this network we collectively work to increase employment skills education and training for the First Nations population.

Programs & Services

Any First Nations status person regardless of location, may access programs and services, which include:

Training for skills development

Targeted employment services to Indigenous people, including Indigenous people with disabilities.

Training for employment and mentoring for high-demand jobs

Child care support

How is FNLMS Funded?

Funding for the FNLMS comes from Employment & Social Development Canada and is meant to foster greater participation of First Nations people entering into the labour market.

To support the growth of Indigenous communities and foster lifelong learning, skills development and training, the Government of Canada has committed to the creation of the ISET Program, the successor to ASETS. 

The FNLM reflects the Government’s commitment to a renewed relationship with First Nations, one that is framed by principles of reconciliation, including recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, partnership and self-determination.

This transformational approach to Indigenous labour market programming will support preparation for the increased transfer of First Nations labour market development programs to First nations governments and mandated organizations.